Do Preserve Me More…

I am transparent alone.
Yet together – I’m blue,
I have no odour;
But even though, I’m true.

I am the most on earth,
I’m in the skies too.
I run through your veins
Because I’m in your body too.

I can expand as something warm,
I can contract as something cold.
I do break some rules of nature
Yet I’m very bold…

I take a flight from earth
To go to the skies above.
And so, form the clouds
Which pour down as you love.

Organisms live in me,
Specially the ones which swim.
I am their food and shelter
Since they don’t have limbs.

Humans use me day and night,
In their homes and even outside,
Just for cleaning up everything
On their side…

People make me dirty
By throwing trash in me !
They don’t understand the fact
That there isn’t much left of me…

Only three percent of myself
Am pure around the world.
The rest of my body
Is just salty and cold.

“Help me! Save me!”,
I shout out loud.
But none of them seem to hear me
Since they’re too proud.

Who am I after all?
Have you yet guessed or not?
I just hope you might have,
‘Cause I’m getting a feeling not.

I’m the “H2O” you call me.
Include the steam,and
Also the ice you play with,
with laughter.

Do preserve me more…
Or I might go sore
Then you’ll have none of me
By the time you bore!


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