A Dream

Your Tower...
 Why do you seem so
My dear, just to be a dream?
Please, to me, do show
Again, your worth and gleam.
Come back to me, oh bird!
I shall never cage you again.
I have never since, heard,
Of your beauty, your terrain.
Your veins are full of life,
Your veinlets – even more!
Never wounded by knife
With energy, they roar!
Your Tower still stands high,
Your Sacred Heart still beats large.
Your children do not buy,
Do not stab more than charge.
At night, your skies are velvet 
Powdered with sparkly stars 
Perfect at your Tower, I bet.
The twinkle on its bars!
Your hairs have greyed with snow
Your beaches are Nice, I say
Your magic makes it glow
That Cathedral where it lay.
Left you, but when in Spring
Left my Beat at your take
I shall return, and shall bring
Back, which you didn’t break.
Make your breeze, your dawn,
Your Tower and Heart
Wait for me, do not con.
For I shall come, unless death do part…

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