Wild Horse


She shows me how to go up. And then just drags me down. She teaches me how to fly. And then ties me into a knot. She makes me love her sunlight and yet burns me with the heat too.
I wonder what she has got in plate for me next. The menu seems endless. But I decide to stay on. I choose to keep my train going, to let my wings fly and to reach out for that cloud of dream even though it might be hiding in my shadow.
She has proved to me that something powerful truly exists. Could be deep in the insides of a rock or even inside the tiniest of cells in me. I know of that flame inside me. Many a ton pour water to extinguish. Yet it tries its best to remain.
I try to add more fuel to it. Although I might have very less of it. It takes a while to realise that I need to go fetch more soon to keep it going.
And then there is this mind… And all those little magic tricks it does. Trust me, it gets stupid sometimes too. My job here is to input large data and paste it on chlorinated Cellulose sheets. But why input n paste when it can CREATE?
Hasn’t left me with much choice dear. I will have to trot the path my horseman puts me to. I must keep in mind that if I trot to his tunes, he will one day let me free. When I can run into the wilderness like a wild horse…



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