Be A Miracle


Sometimes you realise that you are better off alone. You know that you can stand stronger without others needing to hold on to you. You can skate better only if you are left to do so. That’s when you are left free.
A bird isn’t meant to be caged. It is meant to fly. Could you force it to swim? Or a fish to fly? The primary obstruction it is breath. A fish breathes under water pressure. And a bird, under air pressure. It makes a difference.
A child, an infant, learns to breathe only when it is put to pressure to do so. Could you be expecting a babe practicing breathing inside the womb? Or dilating its eyes maybe?
A diamond. A precious little thing. Well, it sure deserves that respect. It’s a simple piece of coal which became stronger under pressure?! I mean, who expected a darn bark of a dead tree to become a diamond underground? A miracle ain’t it?
This miracle is used to express how one can be a queen on the other’s heart. A queen, who deserves the respect of a diamond. A royalty, who owns the red empire of blood purification which totally works on pressure itself.
And what if that applied to people in real life? It’s up to you.
It’s up to you to compress like a substance in liquid state or withstand it to become a diamond. Be a precious gem, a queen or a miracle.



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