It’ll go on forever…

It’ll go on forever
It is a worm, a wriggly thing.
It could keep eating at the start.
It could change all that is happening,
It could gobble up whole parts.

It’ll grow bigger at every bite.
It would leave behind its past at times
And emerge out to a better sight.
It’ll now chew at beats of wind chimes.

Soon will bring a stage of depression,
Of conversion and magical portion.
During this time of transformation,
It’ll change all of its proportions.

To come out, it has to try.
And before that, set everything right.
For once it decides to fly,
To look at the world at a different height.

It doesn’t wait for long,
It just takes its flight along.
A touch of a breeze is enough,
And it shall part to become tough.

It never waited for anyone.
It is its own life-saver.
This might be a dreamy one,
But it’ll go on forever.





Be A Miracle


Sometimes you realise that you are better off alone. You know that you can stand stronger without others needing to hold on to you. You can skate better only if you are left to do so. That’s when you are left free
A bird isn’t meant to be caged. It is meant to fly. Could you force it to swim? Or a fish to fly? The primary obstruction it is breath. A fish breathes under water pressure. And a bird, under air pressure. It makes a difference.
People think you can’t stay alive without their extra oxygen support. But thank you, I can breathe, I have a nose of my own and a good pair of lungs that works good enough for me.
A child, an infant, learns to breathe only when it is put to pressure to do so. Could you be expecting a babe practicing breathing inside the womb? Or dilating its eyes maybe? 
A diamond. A precious little thing. Quite cheap ain’t it? For a billionaire maybe. Well, it sure deserves that respect. It’s a simple piece of coal which became stronger under pressure?! I mean, who expected a darn bark of a dead tree to become a diamond underground? A miracle ain’t it?
This miracle is used to express how one can be a queen on the other’s heart. A queen, who deserves the respect of a diamond. A royalty, who owns the red empire of blood purification which totally works on pressure itself.
And what if that applied to people in real life? It’s up to you.
It’s up to you to compress like a substance in liquid state or withstand it to become a diamond. Be a precious gem, a queen or a miracle.


Wild Horse


She shows me how to go up. And then just drags me down. She teaches me how to fly. And then ties me into a knot. She makes me love her sunlight and yet burns me with the heat too.
I wonder what she has got in plate for me next. The menu seems endless. But I decide to stay on. I choose to keep my train going, to let my wings fly and to reach out for that cloud of dream even though it might be hiding in my shadow.
She has proved to me that something powerful truly exists. Could be deep in the insides of a rock or even inside the tiniest of cells in me. I know of that flame inside me. Many a ton pour water to extinguish. Yet it tries its best to remain.
I try to add more fuel to it. Although I might have very less of it. It takes a while to realise that I need to go fetch more soon to keep it going.
And then there is this mind… And all those little magic tricks it does. Trust me, it gets stupid sometimes too. My job here is to input large data and paste it on chlorinated Cellulose sheets. But why input n paste when it can CREATE?
Hasn’t left me with much choice dear. I will have to trot the path my horseman puts me to. I must keep in mind that if I trot to his tunes, he will one day let me free. When I can run into the wilderness like a wild horse…


At that moment…

Why does it happen so? That just the release of dopamine for one reason can change the whole way you look at life. Those colour sparks here and there begin to show up. Could it all be a piece of imagination and just pass away? It could seem so, many a while later. But at that moment, it all seems to special. Probably an illusion? If pinching doesn’t work, try listening to your heart beat. You will then know that it is a sunrise, a smile, a raindrop, a clock’s tick or a leaf fluttering in the autumn breeze. It is everything that brings to a momentary world of peace and internal happiness. That when you love that very reason with each of the cell in your body craving for its presence and for it to last forever. Although it wouldn’t be more than just a moment, it will seem eternal. Eternal as to the river of Yiruma or the years of Perri. Make sure you capture it  and keep it safe behind the shadows of your mind. For it shall come out to the sunshine someday and make you smile for no reason…