Start something to complete it,
Do no begin it else.
Sharing is done to be equal,
Do not split it else.

A smile has to be genuine,
It has no value else.
Laughter is created to echo,
It isn’t wholesome else.

A dance has to be fair,
Do not try it else.
Music craves to be listened,
Not to be heard else.

Promise, to keep it.
Do not promise else.
An oath is something holy,
Respect it. Don’t name it else.

Truth is meant to be said,
It isn’t to be muttered else.
Devotion is from the heart,
It isn’t devotion else.

Pain demands to be felt,
It isn’t yet pain else.
Tears require to flow,
They aren’t to be made else.

Light a candle to illuminate,
Don’t burn it else.
End the poem to forget it,
Do not end it else.



It is all but a piece of cake !

It is all pretty much just an exam. A test where you learn the lesson through it, where you correct your mistakes when you do so. The past ? It is all just a dream. A dream so intense that cannot be forgotten. A dream which shows evolution over time. One might have a million theories of it. One might just say it over a cup of tea.Yet none will matter, for it has no purpose. Every teeny situation had a purpose though. One’s soul needs to learn from it. If not, the situation shall return again someday. Everything happens for a reason. Once you find out the purpose, it is all just a piece of cake !


The piano knows something I don’t…


Every time I get close,
He tried to tell me
At the elegant pose
He shows me to see.

When I play out loud,
He pretends to know.
Stares at that cloud
He smiles and a bow.

At the trills and accents
He seems to blush.
Lets out fragrant scent
At my very touche.

At the whites it begins
To the infinite it flows.
The blacks from Chopin’s
Till everything glows.

Something has sunken,
So deep into him
That his pump is drunken
Whom without, goes dim.

Beauty lies in the eyes
Of the beholder.
The cradle of the skies
At the ears of the listener.

There is much to disclose,
Though I know he won’t.
Because the Piano knows
Something that I don’t.



At that moment…

Why does it happen so? That just the release of dopamine for one reason can change the whole way you look at life. Those colour sparks here and there begin to show up. Could it all be a piece of imagination and just pass away? It could seem so, many a while later. But at that moment, it all seems to special. Probably an illusion? If pinching doesn’t work, try listening to your heart beat. You will then know that it is a sunrise, a smile, a raindrop, a clock’s tick or a leaf fluttering in the autumn breeze. It is everything that brings to a momentary world of peace and internal happiness. That when you love that very reason with each of the cell in your body craving for its presence and for it to last forever. Although it wouldn’t be more than just a moment, it will seem eternal. Eternal as to the river of Yiruma or the years of Perri. Make sure you capture it  and keep it safe behind the shadows of your mind. For it shall come out to the sunshine someday and make you smile for no reason…

A Crack To The Inside…

I do not know what exactly cracked that night, that very moment. It almost seemed magical. The moment when those words sunk in, they went deep. And deeper and deeper… Until they halted at that dusty door. That door, well had been locked well enough. That door was red blood. It was hard and thick due to the layers over it. But to my surprise, they had all the required materials to dissolve those layers. Just like the acrosome at the wall. It changed the composition and opened the door… The insides of the door tried leaping out too. But it did not as it was tamed not to. Yet it sure did trigger. The egg certainly shook. To break it from the outside would be killing. But to break it from the inside would be a new beginning to life… It is all just an illusion. That which is normal to the spider is chaos for the fly. That which was normal for those words was sunlight to the insides of that door. The art of Beethoven might be normal to a musician, but to a person who has never heard it – it is pure amazement. There are such many sides to look at a picture. Yet one should tame to look at the positive side. Why mourn for the sun when the moon reflects it ? Why chide when you can praise ? A change is needed at every turn, else how can one differentiate the path from the previous ? A crack, if made, shouldn’t be from the outside. The life in that very egg would be put to death. That one crack from the inside that very night brought out a new life which was shiny and bright.


What You Were

You were a clock’s tick

With which a day would start.

You were the soothing music

That brought peace to heart.


You were a flower bud

Which bloomed at the right time.

You were a pump of blood

Which matched the beat of rhyme.


You were sunlight and water

To a plant which needed most.

You were a pinch of laughter

And a bit of jam for toast.


You were a part of medicine

To a person sick with disease.

You were the added iodine

To the wound now at ease.


You were the only firefly

Who lead through the darkness.

You were a colourful flutterby

Who took away all loneliness.


You were the last smile

I imagined in my mind.

It has been a long while

Since our friendship bind.


You were a sparkly gem

Which was on me crowned.

You were not like any of ‘them’.

Thanks for being around!

Coal black


Do you know that what you do

Is uncivilised and wretched?

You aren’t even worth a shoe

At your face, not a piece shed.

Do you know of my fears that

Take birth at your behavior?

To the world- maybe a mere rat.

And mother ? Does she know tear?

Do you know of greater things

In life, than wasting it on

Such filthy time ? You, being

A human, soil thy name of born.

Do you know of this purity

Called love and empathy?

Your existence is sheer futility,

Therefore shown apathy.

Do you know that your labour

Mixes your title to dust?

Just a trouble maker

Selfish to your lust.

Do you know of Karma?

She shall pay you back.

Then you will know of drama,

Your soul coal black.