A Potter’s Play


It is first letter of the alphabet.
It is the ear of a pup you pet.
It is a funny clown’s hat.
It is the nose of a kitty cat.

It is a terpsichorean cobra’s head.
It is an Apsara pencil lead.
It is a naked Christmas tree.
It is a figure with corners three.

It is a tall young fold mountain.
It is a flag for a hurried train.
It is a yellow petal of chilli flower.
It is the gorgeous Eiffel tower.

It is a sail of a yacht sailing.
It is a piece of pizza craving.
It is the sharp claw of a tiger.
It is a safe tent were you linger.

It is the shiny canine you own.
It is a spotted Desi scarf worn.
It is an elegant cut of cheese.
It is a road sign ok please?

It is a exotic bond I say,
With fantasy and wonder on tray.
It is all yet a potter’s clay,
Don’t tear away in dismay.
There’s still a long long way,
In a manner of radioactive decay?

Just pick a cafe au lait,
One silent calm soirée.
And triple action replay,
All but wonder in a similar way
Of the potter’s play
To remember forever and a day…



What You Were

You were a clock’s tick

With which a day would start.

You were the soothing music

That brought peace to heart.


You were a flower bud

Which bloomed at the right time.

You were a pump of blood

Which matched the beat of rhyme.


You were sunlight and water

To a plant which needed most.

You were a pinch of laughter

And a bit of jam for toast.


You were a part of medicine

To a person sick with disease.

You were the added iodine

To the wound now at ease.


You were the only firefly

Who lead through the darkness.

You were a colourful flutterby

Who took away all loneliness.


You were the last smile

I imagined in my mind.

It has been a long while

Since our friendship bind.


You were a sparkly gem

Which was on me crowned.

You were not like any of ‘them’.

Thanks for being around!

The Truthful Drop Of Tear

A drop of tear
fell from above.
That one could neither bear
Nor remember the dove.

It dropped itself
From above all heights.
And made a reflection of herself
As it reflects all rays lights.

But fortunately,
It was too bright.
She didn’t want, lately,
To look at anything right;

She wouldn’t believe
In anything true
As she had already sieved
Its passage through.

She just had to listen,
Believe in the truth so mere.
And that is what made it glisten,
That truthful drop of tear…

A Hidden Secret

There is something that is hiding
Far behind my shadow.
I can feel it lying
In every word and bow.

There are some things which
I am not told of.
I am pushed into a deep ditch
Filled with a smog of bluff.

A few phrases and sentences
Do I try to catch,
Like a few pence
Thrown into my satch.

The thorn pierces deep
Through the flesh of the deer
Each time it tries to leap
Over a puddle so mere.

An eye brought down,
A truth unspoken,
Oh such a funny clown,
A glass purposely broken.

Why does it happen so ?
An honest heart not trusted,
Yet truthful behind her brow.
A secret thus is nested.